Happy New Year 2020

It is the year of our LORD, 2020.

A word from the pastor … January 2020

When we visit the eye doctor, we hope for at least 2020 vision, which means we see at 20 feet, what the “normal” human eye can see, at 20 feet.

However, with corrective lenses, some people can improve their vision, to see at 20 feet, what the normal human eye must have at 15 feet, to perceive clearly.

In terms of our walk with the LORD, what does it mean, to have spiritual Vision?

Perhaps, having at least the faith of a mustard seed, to consider how God could transform something in the future, or, better yet, to have heard Him speak, as to how something will be.

What do we need?

The needs of people all around us, are forever changing.

They change from season to season, and they can change from moment to moment!

In terms of our faith, we want to:

“Know Christ and make Christ known to all.”

A year ago, we could only speculate, as to how this last year would unfold – but some, among us, were sensitive to the Holy Spirit; some were able to receive knowledge from Him; and, some were even using God’s spiritual gift of prophecy, to know and convey to God’s people, what the LORD is currently saying.

An authentic prophetic word will never contradict the Word of God.

Does that mean we can know everything which will take place, in the future? No.

Perhaps, we need the kind of corrective lenses, which only God can provide.

But God has already equipped us, with everything we need, to serve Him and to rely on Him.  He has made sure, that we are not alone.

We have the Body of Christ, to be a part of, and to function within, as God has gifted us, accordingly.

We have His recorded WORD, in the Holy Scriptures, His divinely inspired message of Love, to you and to me.

It is News good enough, to share!

It pleases Him, when we worship Him together, and I hope to see you, in worship!

In His Love,

Pastor Michael